Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Why Wenger Says That He Would Sign Neymar If He Had The Money

Arsene Wenger recently told "The Sun":
 “If I had the money today, I'd put it on Neymar”
Well,here is the reason why.Check out this awesome goal scored by Neymar:


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Famous Football Players From Italy

The Italian football team is the most successful team in world football after Brazil in term of World Cup titles won.Italy has won a total of 5 World Cup titles behind Brazil's 6 titles.Italy has produced many famous and gifted players over the years.Italy is said to have a distinctive style of defensive play rather than attacking approach that most teams usually adopt.

Famous Football Players From Spain(Recent)

Spain had been the underachievers in all the tournaments they participated in the past until their recent success in the Euro 2008 followed by their victorious World Cup 2010 campaign in South Africa.Although they had produced great players and teams in the past,they did not give title contenders much of a scare.So, we look at the players that have contributed in the recent success of the Spanish Team.
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Famous Football Players From Argentina

The Argentinian football team after Brazil is the most successful team in the Americas,although if one counts the number of international trophies,Argentina has won more than any other national football team in the world(all age groups counted).Yet, it has always been overshadowed by the success of neighbours Brazil in FIFA World Cup.It is obvious for a person to think of Maradona and more recently Messi when they think of the Argentinian team.But there are many marvelous players who wear or have worn the Argentinian shirt.
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Famous Football Players From Brazil

When one hears the word "Football" it is often the case that one thinks of Brazil or Brazilian superstars.England is the place where modern football began but Brazil is considered to be the spiritual home of football.Brazil has produced some of the best known players to have graced the game of football.Combined with the attractive and attacking play often called the "samba" style,Brazil have always mesmerized football fans all over.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fascinating Facts About Football(Soccer)

Football(soccer) is the most popular and most played sport in the world.There are many interesting and fascinating facts that very few people know about the so called "beautiful game".Like did you know where football is referred as soccer?Or the real origins of the game?Or the dimensions of a proper football(soccer) field?read more.....
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Top Soccer Players Of All Time

The beautiful game of football(soccer) has seen many a legends through the years.Players with inspirational and sometimes almost supernatural skills have graced the world football stage and mesmerized fans all over the world. They have managed to leave a legacy that very few will surpass.Their performances will always be remembered whether by the number of trophies won,their skills or sometimes that charisma,aura that they give out which propels the whole team to glory.read more

Skills Needed To Become An Effective Striker

The most popular of all positions in a football(soccer) game is that of a striker.One enjoys trying to get the ball into the opposition's goal more than anything else in the game of football.The crowds too,want to see the ball in the opponent's goal which is usually achieved by a striker.For that reason,they the crowds follow the strikers more than anyone else and hence strikers are more popular.Strikers by virtue of their scoring are the most expensive players in professional football team,who are idolized by fans.So,what does it take to become a good and effective striker?read more... 

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Return Of King Dalglish-Is It The Answer To Liverpool's Woes?

The wish of thousands of Liverpool's fans came true after Kenny Dalglish took over the helm at Liverpool FC ,but is it really what the doctor ordered?Is Liverpool FC in too deep a trouble for Kenny Dalglish(or for that matter,anyone) to handle?Are Liverpool going to struggle at the bottom of the table fighting to stay in the Premiere League?What about the dressing room?How will they cope with the managerial changes?And will there be movements in the January transfer window?If so,who should Liverpool buy(or sell)?

Tips For Improving Defending

"Defending is an Art"  they say.To win a match it is important to score in the opponent's half,but equally important is the fact that you don't let the opposition team to score in your own net.A team that defends well is a good team.No matter how good the team is in attack,it must stop the opposition's attack.If a team lets in more than it scores,the team is bound to lose a match.The recent domination of the Spanish club Barcelona FC has been often credited to their better defending under manager Joseph Guardiola.While in England,Arsenal FC with all their attacking talents find themselves written off due to their poor defense.Here's a look at the basics to good defending for a football(soccer) player playing in any position.read more

Top 5 Teams In World Cup History

No matter how good(or bad) a football(or soccer) team is,it will only be remembered by the performance that it gives in a World Cup.Many teams have lived up to their billing to give performances in the World Cup while there have been many surprises too.But of course there have been the stand out performances that have taken teams to the pinnacle of world football.Famous players and teams graced the world cup through the ages.Teams like Brazil,Italy and Germany won it more than others and are usually among the favorites in every world cup.However there have been teams like Spain and Netherlands that have been fancied to win times in the past but always found themselves kicked out of the tournament,the former although breaking that jinx after winning the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.So,let us take a look at five of the most successful footballing nations in World Cup finals history...Read More